Contract Cleaning Service



Wash all REACHABLE Windows
Clean all Window Tracks
Wash all window sills
Dust Light fixtures
Clean Light switches
Vacuum Carpets (Or Wash Floors if tiled)
Please note that more items that per allocated time will not be ironed.
Normal clothes IroningĀ  (15 items per 30min) *
* Ironing of Sheets and duve covers ( 1 item = 15 – 20min)



Wipe OUTSIDES Cupboards.
Wipe on top of cupboard tops
Wipe counter tops
Clean Stove top and inside oven
Wipe microwave outside and inside
Wipe Fridges OUTSIDE
Wash dirty dishes
Empty and Clean Dustbins



Clean OUTSIDES of bathroom cupboards
Clean toilets
Clean baths
Clean Showers & Doors
Clean Basins


ROOMS( bed-/lounge-/study-/livingrooms )

Wipe outsides of Cupboards
Making of beds
Clean Mirrors
Dust & Polish all furniture
Clean Doors & Door handles
Dust & Polish all furniture



Clean patio furniture
Clean outside of Braai (If Applicable)



Wiping of stair rails
Wiping Under Stairs




Client need to supply a 2 or 3 step ladder to be used in their own homes

We are only allowed to use a 2 to 3 step ladder when doing walls and windows
We use chemicals as strong as possible, but cannot guarantee the removal of really stubborn dirt.

You are welcome to supply us with a chemical you feel will do the Job better at your own discretion and risk.


What we do NOT do:

Please note that we do not open or unpacked any cupboards or drawers.
We do not remove curtains or hang them.
We do not pack away clean dishes or ironed clothes
We do not pick up clean clothes from floor
all important papers/slips need to be put away as to avoid being mistakenly throw away
please note we do not pick up condoms or clean any blood or vomit off any surfaces.